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Principal's Message

 January 10, 2017
Dear Families,

Bishop Murphy has asked us to take some time to get to know St. Agnes, the Patroness of  the Diocese of Rockville Centre and the Patroness of Youth. He has shared a letter that he wrote from his heart many years ago about his connection to St. Agnes. In school, we have been hearing excerpts from the letter so that we can learn about her life, her struggles and her triumphs. We are also gaining a personal insight into Bishop Murphy's spiritual connection to St. Agnes. 

During school on January 11th, our student body will say a prayer in remembrance of St. Agnes.
On January 21, we will celebrate Mass with Bishop Murphy at the Cathedral in honor of this special feast day. 

I am attaching a copy of the letter for you to read. I found the letter to be spiritually uplifting. I hope that you may have a similar experience. 
St. Agnes Letter

Peaceful blessings,

Mr. Connell

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Holy Angels Classroom Spotlight:

Mrs. Cruz's
7th Grade Religion Class & 8th Grade Math Class

Our 7th graders worked in cooperative learning groups to create beautiful stained glass windows representing parables taught by Jesus. They used the overhead projector to illuminate their illustrations on the classroom windows. Jesus used these stories to teach his followers important lessons and our 7th graders have certainly done a fabulous job following the teachings of Jesus!

Our 8th graders created posters to solve Common Core Algebra questions! Mrs. Cruz's 8th graders = fantastic math students!

stained glassstained glass 2stained glass 3math 1math 2