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Principal's Message

January 19, 2018 Why Should I Choose Holy Angels Regional School for my Child?

It’s perfectly natural for parents to ask this question.  After all, the choice of where your child attends school is surely one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make as a parent. Often, parents’ first question is: how much will it cost?  Will I be able to afford it?  Actually, that should be parents’ last question.  When it comes to our kids, and their education, the real question is:  “Can I afford not to?”    

So, here are a few points to ponder as you make that decision.    

We acknowledge that parents are the primary educators of their children. That is why we promise to keep you informed about your child’s progress, any problems that he or she may be having, and how your child likes to learn. In addition, we expect that you will be involved in your child’s education all through his / her school career. There are plenty of activities that your child will want to involve you in, from helping with homework to volunteering at school in whatever capacity you are able. That way, we demonstrate to your child that we are partners in your awesome responsibility to be his or her primary educator.    

We hold students to high standards. Holy Angels Regional School's teachers are professionally prepared and properly certified to meet the standards of every kind of school. But because we acknowledge that parents want the very best for their children, we don’t hesitate to demand the best from your child. Homework, projects, and even tests are rigorous in our school. This is an act of faith in your child: a belief that your child can reach his or her highest potential. The result is that our students are well prepared for their next academic challenge-high school.    

But even more important, our teachers acknowledge that their students are worthy of the highest expectations because you believe the very same thing.  

Holy Angels Regional School is different where it counts. The very core of our Catholic school is the Gospel teaching of Jesus, and the teachings of the Catholic Church.  Central to the school day is prayer and the practice of “what would Jesus do.”  Students have the opportunity to learn their faith and to live it.  Social justice is not only taught, it is lived, and our goal is to bring your child to an awareness of God’s love for him or her, as well as his or her obligation to live a moral life and work for justice for others.      

Holy Angels Regional School emphasizes what matters in school.  We don’t put a priority on sports, or other extra-curricular activities.  We believe that a solid, academic, value-laden education is more important than the “frills”.  You won’t find fads or social experiments going on in our schools. We have found a formula that works and we simply continue to refine that formula.  At Holy Angels Regional School, we get results because we believe that the tried and true can be trusted. That doesn’t mean that we don’t have up-to-date facilities and teaching tools.  Our graduates are technologically literate, and they understand that computers and other technology are just means to learning; they are not the goal of learning.       

We have been educating our community’s children for almost one hundred years. We employ administrators and teachers who are there for no other reason than to teach your child. We value your child as a unique, special individual who is more than a test score or a statistic.    

I encourage you to come and experience just what makes our school different. Schedule a tour and start your family’s journey with us now!

Yours in Christ, Michael Connell Principal

Classroom Spotlight:
5th Grade

In honor of Valentine’s Day, our 5th Graders were asked who they love and why...

“I love...”

Justin- my dad because he loves me so much.

Andrea- my sister because if I’m in a sad mood, she will act silly to cheer me up.

Shannon- my dad because he keeps me safe.

Jolie- my sister because we have such a close relationship.

Will M- my mom because she’s always there for me.

Amanda- my mom because she helps me through hard times.

Asher- my mom because she’s the love of my life.

Evangeline- my mom because she helps depressed women. I love how she cares for others.

Michaela- my dad because he spends time with me.

Pablo- my mommy because she helps me cook.

Ellie- my dad because he’s always there for me.

Sophia- my mom because she takes the time to make me lunch everyday.

Julia- my brother because he always makes me laugh.

Hannah- my brother Max because he helps me try new things, and he’s always there when I need him.

Lizzie- my mom because she’s always running around and doing things for me.

Gabby- my mom because she’s always there for me.

Luke- my mom because she supports us and makes sure we have what we need like food, water, and everything.

Colleen- my mom because she brings me to school everyday.

Will J- my mom because she always cares for all of us, all the time.

Claudia- my family because they are always there for me.

Abby- my sisters because they help me with my homework and are always there for me.

Julianna- my cats because they are always there if I need a friend.

Joell- my dad because he lets me go to work with him sometimes so we can spend more time together.

Cooper- my mom because she works so hard to support our family.

Alex- my mom because she always cares for me.

Russell- my dad because he always helps me and he is always understanding.

Jack- my grandfather because he is always there when I need him.

️Our 5th Graders were so genuine in sharing their love today! Happy Valentine’s Day! 


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