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Week of 4/01/2019- 4/05/2019.
Monday 4/01. No homework.

Tuesday 4/02. Homework.Research an earthquake and report on its magnitude, its intensity and the damage it did to the city and its population.

Wednesday 4/03. No homework.
Thursday 4/04. Homework. Choose a volcanic eruption such as Vesuvius, Krakatoa etc and write a description of the effects it had on the people living there at the time.

Friday 4/05. No homework.

Week of 3/25/2019- 3/29/2019.
Monday 3/25. No school. Study for test on Wednesday 3/27.

Tuesday 3/26. Study for test on Wednesday 3/27. Topics to be tested are :(a) two types of folds, (b) the three kinds of faults (c) What is an earthquake? (d) What causes earthquakes? (e) Where do earthquakes happen? (e) What are some effects of earthquakes? 

Wednesday 3/27. No homework.
Thursday 3/28. No homework.

Friday 3/29. Read pages 258-259, How are seismic waves measured? and How is an earthquake's epicenter located?

Week of 3/18/2019- 3/22/2019.
Monday 3/18. No homework.
Tuesday 3/19. Vocabulary. Find out the meaning of terms: focus, epicenter, fault, tectonic plate boundary, deformation.
Wednesday 3/20. Find out about the effects of earthquakes on people and their settlements.
Thursday 3/21. Review work done on tectonic plate boundaries.
Friday 3/22. Study for test on Wednesday March 27, 2019
Week of 3/11/2019- 3/15/2019.

Monday 3/11. No homework.

Tuesday 3/12.  Draw a diagram showing syncline and anticline.

Wednesday 3/13. Study for test. Topics to be tested are plate tectonics, Earth's internal structure .

Thursday 3/14. TEST.

Friday 3/15. Read Lesson 3, pages 220-221 on the three kinds of faults.

 Week of 03/04/2019-03/08/2019.
Monday through Thursday students will work on their STEM fair projects.

Friday 03/08. Students will study for quiz on Wednesday March 13th. Test will be based on plate tectonic theory( types of plates, movement, types of landforms that result when plates move).

 Week of 02/25/2019- 03/01/2019.

Monday 02/25. Homework. (1)Draw and label a diagram to show the physical layers of the Earth. 
(2) What percentage thickness of the continental lithosphere is the continental crust? 

Tuesday 02/26. No homework.

Wednesday 02/27. Homework. Research the work of Alfred Wegener and Continental Drift Theory.

Thursday 02/28.  No homework.

Friday 03/01. Homework. Draw one diagram eac to show the different types of plate boundaries.

 Week of 02/11/2019-02/15/2019.

Monday 02/11. Research the names of some igneous rocks.
Tuesday 02/12. No homework.
Wednesday 02/13. Study for test on minerals and rocks on Friday Feb;15.
Thursday 02/14. Study the review sheet discussed in class.
Friday 02/15. TEST on Rocks and Minerals.
Assignment: Continue to work on the STEM Fair project.
Week  of 01/21/2019- 01/25/2019.
Monday 01/21. Martin Luther King Day.

Tuesday 01/22. Minerals assignment. Choose a mineral and describe its properties ( Color, streak, luster, cleavage or fracture, density, hardness, special properties, uses ).

This is a useful website:

Wednesday 01/23. No homework.

Thursday 01/23. Homework. List the names of at least six silicate and six nonsilicate minerals.Provide the formula for any two of these minerals.

Friday 01/25. Homework. Write definitions for the Rock Cycle, Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamorphic rock.
 Week of 01/14/2019- 01/18/2019.

Monday 01/14. No homework.

Tuesday 01/15. Homework. Research the properties of a selected mineral.

Wednesday 01/16. Continue work on the mineral assignment.

Thursday 01/17. No homework.

Friday 01/18. Continue work on the Mineral assignment . This assignment is due on Wednesday , January 23rd.
Week of 01/07/2019- 01/11/2019.
Monday 01/07. No homework.
Tuesday 01/08. Review for test on Thursday 01/10.
Wednesday 01/09. Study for test on Earth's history.
Thursday 01/10. Test.
Friday 01/11. Homework. Make a list of at least 10 common minerals 

Week of 12/17/2018- 12/21/2018.

Monday 12/17. Review of radiometric dating methods.
Tuesday 12/18. No homework. 
Wednesday 12/19. Homework. Draw a table to show the major divisions of the geologic time scale.
Thursday 12/20. Homework. Choose any time period, research and describe the main events that occurred during this time period. At least one page, typed, font of size 12.This homework is due on January 4th, 2019.
Friday 12/21. School closes for the Christmas holidays.

Week of 12/10/2018- 12/10/2018.

Monday 12/10. Absolute dating. Read and compare with relative dating.

Tuesday 12/11. Radiometric dating . Drawing diagrams to show the half-life of radioactive elements.

Wednesday 12/12. Three radiometric dating methods and what they are used for.

Thursday 12/13. How are index fossils used.
The four properties of index fossils. 

Friday 12/14. Lesson review (page 117).

Week of 12/03/2018- 12/07/2018.

Monday 12/03. No homework.

Tuesday 12/04. Homework. Answer the Lesson Review questions (1-11) on page 103.

Wednesday 12/05. Quiz on Lesson 2.

Thursday 12/06. Homework. Answer questions 1-5 on page 105. 

Friday 12/07. Early dismissal.No homework.

Week of 11/26/2018- 11/30/2018.

Monday 11/26. Topic. What do Earth's Surface Features tell us. No homework.

Tuesday 11/27. What evidence scientists use to find out about Earth's past climates.

Wednesday 11/28.  Relative Dating. Draw your  favorite sandwich and compare it to the way relative dating is done.

Thursday 11/29. How are sedimentary rock layers disturbed. Homework. Choose any TWO ways by which sedimentary rock layers are disturbed. Draw a diagram for each and also provide an explanation for the two ways chosen. 

Friday 11/30. Homework . Complete the worksheet on the relative ages of rock layers.

​Monday 11/05. No homework.
​Tuesday 11/06. Review for Unit test.
​Wednesday 11/07. Review for Unit test.
Thursday 11/08. Field Trip.
​Friday 11/09. Unit Test.

Week of 11/12/2018 - 11/16/2018.
Monday 11/12 : Veterans Day.

Tuesday 11/13 : Homework: Describe two ways in which an animal can become fossilized.

Wednesday 11/14: Review for test on Erosion and Deposition.

Thursday 11/15 : Test Erosion and Deposition

Friday 11/16 : 
Homework: Graphing skills, Comparing the weathering rates of different rocks.

Week of 11/19/2018-11/23/2018.
Monday 11/19. Homework. Use evidence in a diagram to interpret a sequence of events.

Tuesday 11/20. No homework.

Wednesday 11/21. Homework. Read pages 86 and 87 and write four (4) facts about Pangea, the super continent.

Thursday 11/22. Thanksgiving Day.

Friday 11/23.  Thanksgiving Holiday.