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Week of 4/01/2019- 4/05/2019.

Monday 4/01. Test. 

Tuesday 4/02. No homework.
Wednesday 4/03. Homework. Answer the questions on pages 18-19 of the class workbook. Interpreting graphs.

Thursday 4/04. No homework.
Friday 4/05. Homework. Draw a diagram of a roller coaster and identify 3 places where acceleration is happening.

 Week of 3/25/2019- 3/29/2019.

Monday 3/25. No school.

Tuesday 3/26. Homework. Calculating speed of objects in motion.

Wednesday 3/27. Homework. Calculating velocity.

Thursday 3/28. Calculating average acceleration.

Friday 3/29. Read section in workbook on how to graph motion.
 Week of 3/18/2019-3/22/2019.

Monday 3/18. Complete the Visual Summary and Lesson Review( pages 112-113).

Tuesday 3/19.  Read text on Earthquake waves.

Wednesday 3/20. Find out about how tectonic plates move.

Thursday 3/21. No homework.

Friday 3/22. Finding the epicenter of an earthquake using information from three seismic stations.
Week of 3/11/2019- 3/15/2019.

Monday 3/11. Read pages 108-109. ( Concave and Convex mirrors).

Tuesday 3/12. Read pages 110-111. ( Concave and convex lenses). 

Wednesday 3/13. Study for test. 

Thursday 3/15. Test on mirrors, lenses, how we see colors.

Friday 3/16. No homework.

 Week of 03/04/2019- 03/08/2019.
Monday through Wednesday students will work on their STEM fair projects.
Friday 03/08. Study for test ( Mirrors and lenses)

Week of 2/25/ 2019 -03/ 01/2019
Monday 2/25. Homework. Draw and label the different wavelengths that make up the Electromagnetic Spectrum.

Tuesday 2/26. Homework. Read pages 98-99, What determines the color of objects we see?

 Wednesday 2/27. No homework.

Thursday 2/28. Homework. Answer the questions of the Visual Summary and the Lesson Review.(pages 102-103)

Friday 03/01. No homework.
Week of 2/18/2019 - 2/22/2019.
Winter Recess.
Week of 02/11/2019- 02/15/2019.

Monday 02/11. Complete the exercise on page 76 of the workbook. ( How humans hear sounds).

Tuesday 02/12. Study for test on sound technology.

Wednesday 02/13. TEST.

Thursday 02/14. No homework.

Friday 02/15. Assignment. Continue working on your STEM Fair project.

Week of 01/21/2019-01/25/2019.

Monday 01/21. Martin Luther King Day.

Tuesday 01/22. Homework. Draw a wave and insert the following information; amplitude, crest, trough, and wavelength. Measure and record the amplitude and wavelength of your wave.

Wednesday 01/23. No homework.

Thursday 01/24. Homework. Read pages 20-22 of class workbook.

Friday 01/25. Homework. Write the formulae for finding the wave speed and wavelength. Do the exercise based on finding wave speed, wavelength and frequency, on page 21 #15.


Week of 01/14/2019- 01/18/2019.

Monday 01/14. No homework.

Tuesday 01/15. Homework. Research, draw and label the parts of a wave.

Wednesday 01/16. Homework. Devise a scale to measure the intensity of sound. 

Thursday 01/17. No homework.

Friday 01/18. Homework. Answer the end of chapter questions.

Week of 01/07/2019-01/11/2019

Monday 01/07. No homework.

Tuesday 01/08. Homework. Read about the Monsoon conditions of Southeast Asia.

Wednesday 01/09. Homework. Pages 135-136. Answer questions 25-35.

Thursday 01/10. Homework. Complete the exercise on how to insert barometric pressure on a station model. 

Friday 01/11. Homework. Insert information on a station model. Study for test on topics 4,5 and 6. 

Week of 12/17/2018-12/21/2018.

Monday 12/17. Homework. Calculating temperature between the three scales, Celsius, Fahrenheit and Kelvin.

Tuesday 12/18. No homework. 

Wednesday 12/19. Prepare for test on Thursday 12/20.

Thursday 12/20. Test .

Friday 12/21. Early dismissal, School closed for Christmas holidays.

Week of 12/10/2018- 12/14/2018.

Monday 12/10. Homework . Draw a graph to show the data collected in the ball and ramp experiment. 

Tuesday 12/11. Types of energy.

Wednesday 12/12. Finding out which affects 
kinetic energy more, mass or velocity?

Thursday 12/13. Homework . Complete worksheet on Kinetic energy.

Friday 12/14. No homework. 
Week of 12/03/2018- 12/07/2018.

Monday 12/03. Homework. Complete worksheet on balancing chemical equations.

Tuesday 12/04. Homework. Building vocabulary. Write definitions and explanations for key words related to chemical reactions.

Wednesday 12/05. No homework.

Thursday 12/06. Homework. Research the condition of Lactose Intolerance in humans. Present your findings as  a written report, a poster or an oral presentation.

Friday 12/07. Homework . Study for the quiz on Lesson 1. ( quiz will be on Monday, December 10, 2018.)

Week of 10/29/2018- 11/02/2018.

Monday 10/29 : Lab. What happens when substances change state?     
Tuesday 10/30 : No homework.

Wednesday 10/31 : Homework.  Answer all questions on pages 72 and 73 of class workbook (  Visual summary and Lesson Review).

Thursday 11/01 : All Saints' Day.

Friday 11/02 : Homework 
Answer the questions on pages 86 and 87 of your class workbook.


Week of 11/05/2018- 11/09/2018.

Monday 11/05: No homework.

Tuesday 11/06: Study for end of unit test.

Wednesday 11/07: End of Unit TEST.

Thursday 11/08: No homework.

Friday 11/09: Homework.( due Tues.11/13)

 Research the work of one of these scientists, John Dalton, J.J. Thomson, Niels Bohr, Ernest Rutherford and write a paragraph describing his contribution to the Atomic Theory. You must use a diagram of the atom to accompany your description.

Week of 11/12/2018- 11/16/2018.

Monday 11/12. Veterans Day.

Tuesday 11/13. No homework.

Wednesday 11/14. Homework. Complete page 1 of the packet on the elements.

Thursday 11/15. Homework. Complete pages 2 and 3 of the packet. 

Friday 11/16. No homework.

Week of 11/19/2018- 11/23/2018.

Monday 11/19. Homework. Choose a metal, a non-metal and a metalloid from the Periodic Table ,  draw a square and insert the following information: atomic number, chemical symbol, element name, and average atomic mass.

Tuesday 11/20. No homework.

Wednesday 11/21. Homework. Answer questions 1-10 on the Lesson Review, page 179.

Thursday 11/22. Thanksgiving Day. 

Friday 11/23. Thanksgiving Holiday.


Week of November 26, 2018 to November 30, 2018.

Monday 11/26. Topic : Electrons and Chemical Bonding. No homework.

Tuesday 11/27. Homework. Ionic bonding worksheet.

Wednesday 11/28. Homework . Covalent bonding worksheet.

Thursday 11/29. No homework.

Friday 11/30. Review for Unit test on Monday December 3 rd.