Spanish 6th Grade

 Welcome to Spanish!!!

This year we will continue to use the online textbook. The online textbook can be accessed on any device with internet access. Students will receive log in information and instructions on how to use the textbook. We will continue to learn about different Spanish speaking countries
around the world. We will be continue to learn new verbs in the present tense and how to use the simple future tense.

Students must bring a dictionary  and all other supplies to every class.

The link below will take you to the student log in instruction page for the online textbook.


Students-Log In.pdf

2/15- Read Telehistoria completa on pg 262. Complete Act. 19-20
2/14- Continue working on Act. 21.- Students present restaurant scene to the class.
2/12-Complete Act. 21. Students work in groups of 3 to create a restaurant scene. Students present the ecene to the class.

2/8- Do Now- complete Act 16 ( to be collected and graded)  Complete Act 17 and read "comparacion cultural"
2/7- Do Now- Complete "Para y piensa" on pg. 257. Complete Act 13-15 on pg. 260
2/5-Do Now - Complete Act 7 on looseleaf. Complete Act. 9 & 10 on pg. 255 . Read Telehistoria 2 on pg. 256. Complete Act. 11
2/1- Return Test- Go over test. 

1/29- Unit 4 Lesson 2 Vocabulary and stem changer test
1/25- Go over review packet
1/24- Review for Test
1/22- Complete review packet. Stem changer conjugations & Unit 4 Lesson 2 Vocabulary.
1/10- Continue working on stem changer notes  e-->i
1/8- Return tests & go over answers
1/4- Finish Unit 4 Lesson 2 vocab list. Begin notes on o--> ue stem changers
1/3- beging Unit 4 Lesson 2- complete vocabulary sheet
12/20- Test
12/14- Review- (practice test)
12/13- test review
12/6- Collect HW. Begin DOP packet.
12/4- DO NOW- Complete "Did you get it?" on page 233 in textbook. Read  Telehistoria completa on page 234.  Complete activities 19 & 20.
11/30- Review direct object pronoun notes. Complete Page 159 (cuaderno para hispanohablantes)-  on direct object pronouns. 
11/29- Do Now- Rewrite 4 sentences using correct direct object pronoun. Continue working on packet previously started.
11/27- Begin working on packet reviewing previous material including conjugating stem changers, Unit 4 vocabulary, numbers, and direct object pronouns
11/15-Do Now- pg 151. Part A. Naming the store using suffix "eria"
11/2  Vocabulary Quiz- 
10/30 quiz review

10/19- E---> IE stem changers; Act. 1-4 in textbook on pgs. 221-223

10/12-  Unit 4- Lesson 1  vocabulary.  Unidad 4 Leccion 1- Vocabulario.pdf

10/11- Copy notes on stem changing verbs. Stem Changing verbs ppt.ppt

10/9- Introduce online textbook. Instruct students how to Log in.
Conjugation_Practice_1.359123828- AR verbs.pdf

Conjugation_Practice_2.359123936 -AR verbs.pdf

9/21- Quiz 1a.docx

****There will be a  Test on 1/29 **** The test will be on Unit 4 Lesson 2 vocabulary, stem changer conjugations (o--> ue and E-->I)
Extra help available on Tuesdays after school at 2:45. Students need to sign up for extra help ahead of time. Students will be give a sign up sheet in class.
**** Students need to come to extra help with questions****

2/8- No HW
2/7- No HW
2/5- Complete Pgs. 178-189 (o--> ue stem changers)
2/1- No HW
1/31- Sign Test
1/30- Complete "Para y piensa" on pg. 255
1/29- No HW
1/24- Study!!!!
1/22- No HW
12/14- study for test
12/13- Study for test
12/11- study for quiz-- ****There will be a  test on  Thursday 12/20**** The quiz will be on Unit 4 Lesson 1 -vocabulary, numbers 1-100, direct object pronouns, stem changers, question words

12/6- Read page 151 in packet and complete Activity F on page 152
12/4- Finish Telehistoria & complete activities 19 & 20 on pg. 234
11/15- Finish pg 154  Part 1
11/13- No homework
10/30 study for quiz-Unidad 4 Leccion 1. Review flashcards by logging in and choosing Unidad 4 Leccion 1 from drop down menu and click go. Click on student resources tab and then click on Review leccion 1 and choose vocabulary flashcards.  Vocabulary is on page 241 in textbook.

10/18- no homework

10/16- Complete stem changing verb worksheet

10/12-  No homework

10/11- Complete  vocabulary sheet. Unidad 4 Leccion 1- Vocabulario.pdf

10/9- Due 10/11 Log in to textbook at home. Sign and return acknowledgement sheet. Log in acknowledgement.pdf

Due 10/2- Complete review packet- Conjugation review packet.pdf

Study for quiz

Due 9/13/18- 
-Bring all necessary supplies - all information is in syllabus given to students.

-Sign syllabus and bring back last page. Put the other pages in binder

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me: