Middle school Art 5th-8th

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Art students will learn Studio Art techniques this year. They will explore a variety of media from Clay, Printmaking, Painting, Sculpture and more. 

Students should bring in their own smock labeled with name/grade 
in order to protect their clothing. We will be using a wide variety of art materials, which includes paint. A smock that covers uniform shirt sleeves is the best choice. An oversized t-shirt works well. 

Mrs. Rahner 


-a smock (labeled with name/grade)
-1 pack of baby wipes
-1 box of large ziplock bags
-1 pack of paper plates
-1 pair of scissors 

Kindergarten - Grade 4
-a smock (labeled with name/grade)
-a sketchbook (standard copy paper size)
-watercolor paint set 
- 1 box of crayons 
- 1 pack of glue sticks 
-1 bottle of glue 
- 1 pack of construction paper (all colors) 

Grades 5-8
-a smock (labeled with name/grade)
-a sketchbook (standard copy paper size)
- 1 box of colored pencils
- 1 box of markers (thin or thick line)
- 1 box of #2 pencils 
- 1 pack of Sharpie markers (black fine line)
- 1 pack of baby wipes 

ART ROOM WISHLIST : Additional items that are appreciated:

paper plates, baby wipes, plastic cups, plastic portion cup containers (with lids), paper towels, plastic shopping bags, ziplock bags, egg cartons, magazines/wrapping paper with designs (for collages), tempera paint, acrylic paint, Model Magic clay, Sharpie colored markers, rubber stamps, any other art materials you’d like to donate…. 

Thanks so much!!!

-Mrs. Rahner 

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