Art club is for grades 3-6 on Mondays after school 2:45-4pm.

*** Extra Help is offered for ART on Wednesday after school from 2:45pm-3:30pm. This is a great opportunity to catch up on any days you may have been absent. You may use extra help time if you ever need more time to complete your Art project. Please email me at to schedule an extra help Art session. Students may arrange to complete artwork during lunch or recess during school when possible.

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I love teaching Art to children! This is my second year as Art Teacher at Holy Angels School. I teach a variety of Art media and encourage my students to explore their creativity. I'm excited about many painting, clay, collage, and printmaking projects my students will be working on.



 Art students have opportunities to exhibit student artwork in our school and local community. This is a wonderful way to get my students to appreciate all the aspects of being an artist. 

I'm looking forward to creating amazing artwork with all of you this year! 

-Mrs. Rahner