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All homework and tests will posted below. 

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Weekly Homework / Test Schedule.


Week of 5/13/2019- 5/17/2019.

Monday 5/13.Homework . Complete the write up for the experiment we did in class today.( How the body stays cool?).

Tuesday 5/14. Homework. Complete the bar graph using the information we collected from Yesterday's experiment. Here is the Data Table. All temps. are in degrees Celsius.

Time    Dry Towel   Towel with   Towel with 
(min)                    water          Rubbing alcohol.
0          22             22               22

5          20             15               11
10        21             17               15

15        22             18               16

Wednesday 5/15. Homework. Review the end of Unit questions.

Thursday 5/16. No Homework.
Friday 5/17. No homework.

Week of 5/06/2019- 5/10/2019.

Monday 5/06. No homework.

Tuesday 5/07. No homework
Wednesday 5/08. Homework. Read about the lives of two famous scientists, The Grays.

Thursday 5/09. Homework.Complete the letter to one of the scientist you studied.

Friday 5/10. Homework. Research a famous scientist and write about his life. Use the following headings:

N​ame of scientist, Date of Birth, Country of origin, Area of study( Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy etc), What is he/she famous for?, and How useful is his/her contribution to us today?


Week of 4/29/2019- 5/03/2019.

Monday 4/29. Complete the worksheet on the ENDOCRINE SYSTEM.

Tuesday 4/30. Study for test on the Digestive, Respiratory and Circulatory Systems.

Wednesday. 5/01. Study from the review sheet for the test.

Thursday 5/02. TEST.

Friday 5/03. No homework.

Week of 4/15/2019 - 4/19/2019.

Monday 4/15. Find out what happens to food from the time it enters your body until it leaves your body( page 154).
Tuesday 4/16. No homework.
Wednesday 4/17. Study for test on the Digestive, Respiratory and Circulatory Systems. 
Your test will be on Thursday May 2nd, 2019.

Week of 4/08/2019- 4/12/2019.

Monday 4/08. No homework.
Tuesday 4/09. Read about the Respiratory system( how we breathe in and breathe out)
Wednesday 4/10. Find out what causes asthma and how it is treated.
Thursday 4/11. No homework.
Friday 4/12. No homework.

Week of 4/01/2019- 4/05/2019.

Monday 4/01. No homework.
Tuesday 4/02. No homework. 
Wednesday 4/03. Homework. Write an explanation of how the heart works to send blood to all parts of your body.
Thursday 4/04. No homework. 
Friday 4/05. Homework. Read about how our digestive system works.

Week of 3/25/2019- 3/29/2019.

Monday 3/25. No school. Study for test on Wednesday 3/27.

Tuesday 3/26. Study for test on Wednesday 3/27. Topics to be tested are : (a) Parts of the eye, (b) how we hear, (c) the functions of the skin, (d) functions of bones in our bodies, (e) different kinds of joints.

Wednesday 3/27. No homework. 

Thursday 3/ 28. No homework.
Friday 3/29. Write a summary of how muscles produce movement of the body. Homework due on Monday April 1. 
Week of 3/18/2019- 3/22/2019.

Monday 3/18. No homework.
Tuesday 3/19. Draw and label a large diagram of the human ear.
Wednesday 3/20. No Homework.
Thursday 3/21. Label the main bones of the human body
Friday 3/22. Study for test ( Wednesday 3/29/2019)

Please note: 
Those students who received a grade 2 or 3 on the last test (skin, eye, nervous system) are invited to stay back after school ,for a review of this test and extra help on TUESDAY March 26, 2019. 


Week of 3/11/2019- 3/15/2019.

Monday 3/11. No homework.

Tuesday 3/12. Draw and label a diagram of the skin.

Wednesday 3/13. Study for test on these topics: How cells are organized to function, The Nervous system, The Human Eye, The Skin. 

Thursday 3/14. Test.
Friday 3/15. No homework.

Week of 03/04/2019- 03/08/2019.

Monday through Wednesday students will work on their STEM fair projects.
Friday 03/08. Study for a quiz next week ( Wednesday 13 March) on the nervous system and how we see and hear.
Week of 02/25/2019- 03/01/2019.

Monday 02/25. No homework.

Tuesday 02/26. Homework. Describe how you would prepare a wet-mount slide.

Wednesday 02/27. No homework.

Thursday 02/28. Homework. Draw and label a diagram of the human eye.                                                                                                                                                       Friday 03/01. Continue to work on the STEM Fair project.     ***********************************************
Week of 02/11/2019-02/15/2019.

Monday 02/11. No homework.
Tuesday 02/12. Homework. Review the lesson on the parts of the microscope and complete the drawing of the onion skin (plant cell).
Wednesday 02/13. Homework. Review work on parts of the cell.
Thursday 02/14. Homework . Study for test on Friday 02/15.
Friday 02/15. Test on What are cells? and How we observe cells?                           
Assignment: Continue working on the STEM Fair Project

Week of 01/21/2019-01/25/2019.

Monday 01/21. No school

Tuesday 01/22. Homework. List the steps of mitosis.

Wednesday 01/23. Homework. Draw and label the steps of mitosis.

Thursday 01/24. List the steps of meiosis.

Friday 01/25. Homework.

 You will make a model of either an animal or plant cell and include the following organelles: nucleus, mitochondria, cytoplasm, vacuole, ribosomes, lysosomes, cell membrane, cell wall, chloroplast.

You are free to use any materials of your choice. Here are a few suggestions :

Clay, styrofoam, beads, yarn, dry noodles, pipe cleaners,

buttons, rubber bands, toothpicks, construction paper,


This assignment is due on or before Wednesday February 6, 2019.



Week of 01/14/2019- 01/18/2019.

Monday 01/14. Study for test on Unit 2. The Engineering Design process.

Tuesday 01/15. End of unit TEST.

Wednesday 01/16. No homework.

Thursday 01/17. Homework. Draw a large labelled diagram of a plant cell. 

Friday 01/18. Homework. Label the parts of the light microscope.

Week of 01/07/2019.
Monday 01/07. No homework.
Tuesday 01/08. Homework. Calculate the density of 5 liquids using information from a graph.
Wednesday 01/09. Study for end of unit test on engineering design.
Thursday 01/10. TEST.
Friday 01/11. No homework.

Week of 12/31/2018 - 01/04/2019

Wednesday 01/02/2019. Homework. Design and build (for extra credit) a prototype that can be used to open a hard-to-open jar. You can use the materials listed on the instruction page or use other materials.

Thursday 01/03. No homework.

Friday 01/04. Homework on prosthetic designers is due today.

Week of 12/17/2018- 12/21/2018.

Monday 12/17. No homework. 

Tuesday 12/18. Homework. Do the exercises on pages 90 and 91.

Wednesday 12/19. "Polar Express" Day.

Thursday 12/20. Homework . Read pages 93 and 94.

Friday 12/21. Homework. Write at least two paragraphs describing the work a prosthetic designer does. Use the internet as well as the information found on pages 93 and 94 of your workbook to assist you on this assignment. 
This homework is due on Friday January 4th, 2019. It must be typewritten, ( size 12 font). 

Week of 12/10/2018- 12/10/2018.

Monday 12/10. Homework. Finish model bridge project ( must submit drawing of the model).

Tuesday 12/11. No homework.

Wednesday 12/12. Homework. Use a two column table list the risks and benefits of television.

Thursday 12/13. Homework. 1. What does GMO mean? 
2. Choose any product that has GMO and list the risks and benefits of using this product. 

Friday 12/14. No homework.

Science Grade 5. Week of 12/03/2018- 12/07/2018.

Class Assignment. Model Bridge.

All students will participate in building a model bridge. Students may work in pairs or individually. The criteria to be used for judging the model is a s follows:

  1. The model bridge must be 30cm to 40 cm. in length.
  2. The width of the bridge must be 10cm. to 12cm.
  3. The thickness of the deck of the bridge must be 1cm. or Less.
  4. Only popsicle sticks and glue must be used to make the bridge.
  5. A diagram of the bridge labelled in metric units( cm, mm.) must be submitted along with the bridge.
  6. The success or failure of the bridge will be determined by its ability to support a minimum weight of 5Kg.
  7. Students may build any type of bridge of their choice.

The deadline for submission of the model and drawing is on or before Tuesday December 11th, 2018.                   

Week of 12/03/2018- 12/07/2018.
Monday 12/03. Homework. Complete drawing of model bridge, include measurements in metric units.

Tuesday 12/04. Homework. Work on acquiring list of materials to build the model bridge.

Wednesday 12/05. Homework . Continue working on model bridge.

Thursday 12/06. Homework. Record data of the project. Take pictures if possible, even if it is not finished.

Friday 12/07. Homework . Continue working on the model bridge , test it to see if it meets the criteria set in class. This project is due on TUESDAY December 11, 2018. 

Week of 11/26/2018- 11/30/2018.

Monday 11/26. No homework.

Tuesday 11/27. Read " The Design Process " ( Part Two)

Wednesday 11/28 . No homework.

Thursday 11/29. Homework . 1. What are some possible things engineers might look for when they do a crash test on a car?
 2. Identify one criteria the government has set for cars made since 2008. ( Ten years ago)

Friday 11/30. Homework . Compare and contrast The Scientific Method and The Engineering Design process. 

Week of 11/05/2018- 11/09/2018.

Monday 11/05. No homework.

Tuesday 11/06. Study for test on Unit 1.

Wednesday 11/07. Study for test on Unit 1.

Thursday 11/08. TEST on UNIT 1.

Friday 11/09. Homework. Page 60. Answer questions 19, 20 and 21.

Week of 11/12/2018- 11/16/2018.

Monday 11/12: Veterans Day.

Tuesday 11/13: Start of unit 2. The Engineering Process. Homework: Read lesson 1 for class discussion.

Wednesday 11/14: " Conservation Caper " ( A play hosted by PSEG)

Thursday 11/15:  Making a " primitive telephone" . Homework . students will use their data to arrive at 
                          conclusions about the telephone they made.

Friday 11/16 :   Discussing the test results of unit 1. No homework.

Week of 11/19/2018- 11/23/2018.

Monday 11/19. Homework: Make a list of at least five (5) devices and explain the need each of these devices meets.

Tuesday 11/20. No homework.

Wednesday 11/21. Homework. Read pages 68-71 (The Design Process) of the class workbook.

Thursday 11/22. Thanksgiving Day.

Friday 11/23. Thanksgiving Holiday.