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Week of 12/03/2018- 12/07/2018.

Monday 12/03. No homework.

Tuesday 12/04. Homework.Complete the worksheet on Pedigree. 

Wednesday 12/05. Homework. Research a population of animals that have been part of a captive breeding program. Write a report/ or make a poster on what was or is being done to save these animals from extinction.

Thursday 12/06. Homework. Study for quiz on Punnet Squares and Pedigrees. ( Quiz will be on Tuesday December 11, 2018.

Friday 12/07. Early dismissal.

Week of 11/26/2018- 11/30/2018.

Monday 11/26. No homework.

Tuesday 11/27. Homework. Research a genetic disorder in humans and explain what causes it.

Wednesday 11/28. Homework . Continue to work on the "Roller Coaster Project".

Thursday 11/29. Study for quiz on Heredity.

Friday 11/30. No homework. 

Week of 10/29/2018- 11/02/2018.
Individual presentation of topics on cell processes
Monday 10/29:    Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration.
   Tuesday 10/30 :  Active Transport  and Mitosis.                      Wednesday 10/31.  Meiosis and Comparing Mitosis and Meiosis.
     Friday 11/02:   Homework- Read and answer questions on                               pages 56-61 of the class workbook. Study                               for quiz based on Lesson 5 ( Homeostasis                                 and Cell Processes).                                  

Week of 11/05/2018- 11/09/2018. 

Monday 11/05. Study for Test on Unit 1.

Tuesday 11/06. TEST on Unit 1. 

Wednesday 11/07. No Homework.

Thursday 11/08. Homework. Draw a labelled diagram showing the phases of mitosis.

Friday 11/09. Homework. Use your diagram to outline what happens in each phase of mitosis (Written work)

Week of 11/12/2018- 11/16/2018.

Monday 11/12: Veterans Day.

Tuesday 11/13: Phases of Mitosis (pages 92-97). Homework Answer questions 1-11 on page 99.

Wednesday 11/14 : Homework read Lesson 2 : Meiosis.

Thursday 11/15 : Class discussion on the phases of Meiosis. Homework. Complete worksheet on meiosis.

Friday 11/16 : Homework . Answer the lesson 2 Review questions 1-10 on page 109.

Week of 11/19/2018- 11/23/2018.

Monday 11/19. Homework. Write the procedure you used to see how yeast can reproduce asexually.

Tuesday 11/20.Homework. Read the section on odd reproduction, page 117 and answer questions 10,11 and 12.

Wednesday 11/21. Homework. Lesson Review. Answer questions 1-10 on page 121 of the workbook.

Thursday 11/22. Thanksgiving Day.

Friday 11/23. Thanksgiving Holiday.