Weekly Newsletter
Holy Angels Regional School  2A - Ms. Kaspar  
February 11, 2019– February 15, 2019
Important Dates and Announcements:
Friday, February 15, 2019  – Spelling Test and Vocabulary Test
 If your child would like to hand out Valentine’s Day cards, please make sure they give one to each student.  There are 14 students in the class. Also, it would be very helpful and take a lot less time, if your child does not address them. Just have your child sign their name. Thank You!

Overview of the week:
The following are the topics we will be covering this week:
Religion:  We Carry on the Work of Jesus
ELA:  What makes someone a hero?
Phonics:  Words with or, ore
Vocabulary Words:  depended, sore, sprang, studied, gazing, hero, exercise, overlooked
Spelling Words: horn, story, fork, score, store, corn, morning, shore, short, born, tore, forget
High Frequency Words:  I’ve, begins, being, flower, ground, laugh, ready, stood, tall, very
Reading:  Dex: The Heart of a Hero (Fantasy); Heroes Then and Now (Informational Text (Biography))
Grammar:  Commas in a Series
Writing: Narrative Writing: Fictional Narrative
Math: 3 Digit Addition with carrying
Science:  Types of Weather Patterns     


Monday, February 11, 20179  Spelling 3x each; Math , Read

Tuesday, February 12, 2019 Spelling sentences; Math Sheet,  Read

Wednesday, February 13, 2019 Spelling mountain words,  Math, Read

Thursday, February 14, 2017 Study for Spelling and Vocabulary Test