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We have an exciting, productive year planned.  Please check our web page often for upcoming events, projects, homework, and other information.  Should you have any questions or concerns throughout the year, please do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail, a note, or call me at school.  Thank you for your continued support in your child's education.     mkeegan@holyangelsregional.org


Remember to F.R.O.G.=
Fully Rely On God

This Week's Highlights...
RELIGION - We will practice for the 1st grade Mass, and learn about the fruits of the Holy Spirit.  MATH – We will divide shapes into two and four equal shares.   ELA - We will use text evidence to analyze characters, use a venn diagram to compare, and work on writing paragraphs.  We will focus on -ed and -ing words. SCIENCE - We will understand how matter can change.

Spelling Words

mix mixed hop hopped hope hoping run running use used

Sight Words
above bear teacher toward toward surprise even

I hope you all enjoyed having Mr. Rocky Crocky spend time with your families.  Rocky sure had a ton of fun and went to many cool places.  Next year, stop by our classroom to send a big "HELLO" to Rocky.  He'll love that!
5/14 - Rocky and Faith B went to the park and saw a rainbow!  They also went to Faith's Nan and Pop's house and saw Aunt Pat.  Faith's brother came home from college and they all played their guitars together.  They had a great weekend!
5/7 - Rocky spent the weekend with Annabel.  They went to her baseball game and Paige's Communion.  Rocky played Goalie with Reece, and they also went to Annabel's soccer game in the rain.  They relaxed after a fun weekend together!
4/27 - Grant and Rocky spent the weekend playing with little green men and going to eat at a restaurant.  They also played with Grant's dog, Cookie, and had cake at a birthday party.  When they played lacrosse, Rocky got stuck in the net upside down!  What a fun weekend!
4/20 - Alexa and Rocky spent the weekend together.  They watched Ava play tennis, went for a bike ride, and had pizza.  On Sunday, they ate pancakes, played Bingo and celebrated Ava's birthday.  They had a great weekend!
4/15 - Rocky and Noah spent the weekend together,  They saw Noah's brother's baseball game and ate McDonald's for dinner.  They also went to Noah's Nanny's house to see the chickens and went to Friendly's.  Rocky went with the family to visit Noah's mom at work and also played Xbox.  They had a fun weekend!
4/8 - Rocky spent the break with Faith J.  They drove to Missouri where they dyed Easter eggs, made a lamb cake, and had game night.  They also went to Disney, where Rocky took pictures with Minnie, Mickey, and Daisy.  On the way back, they stopped in Washington, D.C. and saw the cherry blossoms, the White House, the Washington Monument, and the Jefferson Memorial.  On Sunday, Rocky watched Faith in a soccer game against Annabel.  What an awesome adventure!
3/26 - Rocky spent the weekend with Jordyn.  They had a sleepover with Jordyn's cousins and played Fort Night.  On Sunday, they went with Jordyn's grandpa to Palm Sunday Mass.  They had a lot of fun!
3/23 - Rocky Spent last weekend with Cole.  He watched Cole at baseball practice and went to Delaware for Cole's cousin's birthday.  It was a long trip in the car, but he played with Purple Mouse and Jilly Bear.  They had a fun weekend!
3/12 - Rocky spent the weekend with Addison.  He watched Addison play tennis, went to NYC,  went to the Sugar Factory and drank a pop Rock Tie Dye milkshake, and saw Blue Man Group.  Rocky even got to take a picture with one of the performers!  What a great weekend!
3/5 - Rocky and Gianna had McDonalds and food shopping together.  Rocky met Gianna's cousins and grandma.  They played doctor and made french toast and JoJo bows together.  They had a fun weekend!
2/25 - Rocky spent the week with Lia and her family in Hilton Head.  He hung out in the dog house, visited an alligator preserve to to see his cousins, and took a selfie!  They also rode bikes and played mini golf. Rocky got to meet Pluto and go to the top of a lighthouse.  It was such a fun week! 

2/9 - Vincent and Rocky spent the weekend together.  They stayed warmed by the fire and took a nap with Vincent's dad.  Rocky also hung out on the ceiling fan and looked at the fish.  They had a relaxing weekend!

2/5 - Rocky spent the weekend with Aiden.  They made Stone Soup with veggies, read Harry Potter, and he played dragons with Aiden's dog, Boo.  Rocky also had a dance party with Groot.  Such fun!
1/22 - Rocky spent the weekend with Jace.  They had target practice and used bows and arrows to practice their aim.  They had a great weekend!

1/16 - Mr. Rocky Crocky went home with Logan over the weekend.  They went to work with Logan's dad, met his cousins, and played Lego World.  They had so much fun together!

Thank you to all who read to us this year!

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Each day, your child will write their homework in their planner.  Please check the planner each night and sign it.  They will also bring their Home Folder.  Please check it each night and empty any papers.  Children are also asked to take home pencils that need to be sharpened and return the next day.

Dismissal Policy
All changes in dismissal are to be made by note.  If a note is not received, your child's regular dismissal will be followed.  You may print and send in the dismissal form from the link on the left.

Please send in an absence note when your child returns to school, even if you have called the school. A note must be on file for all absences.  Thank you.  You may print and send in the absence form from the link on the left.  

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