Homework: 1/17/18

Math: pgs. 337 and 338 evens
ELA: Choice Board page- the 2 circled items are to be done in your ELA notebook.

Homework: 1/16/18

Science: pgs. 432-433 (Energy- end of lesson 1 questions.)
Math: 331 and 332. Three division problems in your notebook.

Homework: 1/11/18

ELA: ELA  red/purple workbook pgs. 81d and 86
Math: Fraction Worksheet

Homework: 1/10/18

Science: Read pgs. 429-433
Do the exercises on the pages.
Math: Prepare for a timed multiplication (0-12) test. (You don't have to write it :)

Homework: 1/9/18

ELA: Finish your rough draft of your journal writing- "The Best Snow Day Ever." 
Math: Division worksheet.
(It may help to use graph paper or turn your looseleaf sideways to create columns.)
Homework: 1/8/18

Math: Chapter 4 test
ELA: Sadako voc. test. 
Science: Presentations continue

Homework: 1/3/18

Religion: Finish coloring your bumper sticker
(message is fairness and justice)
ELA: Study your vocabulary words for tomorrow's test.
Math: Study for Ch 4  test on Friday.

Homework: 1/2/18

Social Studies: Use your packet to answer the following in your notebook: pg. 119 the "Quick Check"
Pg. 110 #s 1 and 3.
Vocabulary- Use your new words in a sentence on looseleaf
Math:  Division Worksheet 

Homework: 12/20/17

Science test (Matter)is tomorrow. Please review your packet, text and watch the video on chemical changes on Google Classroom.

Homework: 12/18/17

Science test date is changed to Thursday.
Math: Pg. 264 Spiral Review - all
Writing- Finish "Christmas Ornament" or "Advent is..."

Homework: 12/14/17

Social Studies: Study for test tomorrow. Use the packet and review sheets. 
Math: Snaowman sheet. Use long division for practice.

Homework: 12/13/17

SS: Test on Friday
ELA: pg. 137 in workbook or on try the same assignment on ELA Google Classroom.
Study for Vocabulary and Spelling tests tomorrow.

Homework: 12/12/17
SS: Test on Friday
ELA: Pretest your Spelling words. Workbook pages 133,134,136.
Math: Worksheet
Science: Test on "Matter"- Tuesday.

Homework: 12/11/17

SS: Complete your review sheet.  SS test on Friday. Review sheet is also posted on Google classroom.
Math: Finish your 10 questions in your notebook.
ELA: Write a sentence for your vocabulary words. Spelling and Vocabulary test on Thursday. Spelling and vocabulary words were sent home today.

Dutch Social Studies Review.docx

Homework: 12-6-17

Math: Sheet on division review
ELA: Study for Spelling and Vocab tests tomorrow.

Homework: 12-5-17

 Math: pgs. 231-232 evens
ELA: Give yourself a Spelling pretest. Use your vocabulary words in a sentence.
Homework: 12-4-17

Science: Complete your Menu (Include physical properties of the foods you have on the menu)
Math: worksheet
ELA: pgs. 112-113.

Homework: 11/30/17

Math: worksheet (2 sides, omit #9)
ELA: Study for Spelling, Vocab and Comprehension test

Homework:  11/28/17

Math: worksheet
ELA: Put your spelling words in ABC order
Finish your workbook pgs. 99 and 100.
Reminders: Money for Christmas Boutique Thurs. and Friday
Please send in Christmas Party money, $5.00.
Homework: 11-27-17

Math- worksheet
Social Studies- Packet on Dutch settlers pg. 91 answer #s 1-4
Religion- Test on Wednesday Ch 5

Homework: 11-21-17

Math: Practice pgs. 201 and 202
Science: Read and highlight article on Matter.

Homework: 11-20-17

Math: Worksheet
SS: Study for test 
Homework: 11-16-17

Religion: Draw a picture of Jesus and color. Watch the news about the famous painting.
Math: Complete the review and study for tomorrow's test.
SS: Test on Tuesday. Study review sheets, articles in review, vocab and pg 66 of text.
Remember to bring in Thanksgiving party money- $5.00

Homework: 11-15-17

ELA: Reader's NB pgs. 85 and 86. (Use text for help)
Math: pgs. 187 and 188. Test on Friday
SS: Test on Tuesday

Homework: ELA: Helping verbs sheet
Math: pgs. 181 and 182 all. 

Homework: 11-13-17

ELA: Use your vocabulary words in a sentence. Please bring in a magazine and or items for a collage.
Math: Worksheet and define the voc terms- mental math, estimate, product, draw a diagram on the worksheet as well. Test on Friday.

Homework: 11-8-17
ELA: Vocabulary and Comprehension test tomorrow
Know the difference between fact and opinion in the story.
Math: Worksheets 

Homework: 11-7-17

Math: Multiplication worksheet
Science: Study review sheet packet (Water Cycle and Weather)Test tomorrow

Homework: 11-6-17

Math: Finish pg. 158;pg. 159 numbers 1-5 ---Practice multiplication tables
Social Studies: Answer questions on Scholastic News pg. (The Little Rock Nine)
Science: Study for Test on Wednesday 

Homework: 11-2-17

If possible, please help by bringing in an empty cereal box for Monday's Art class.
Math: Finish class work pgs. 155 and 156. Continue to practice tables.
Science test on Wednesday ( Water Cycle and Weather) Review sheets and questions, as well as Water Cycle packet.

Homework: 10-30-17
Math: pgs. 149-150 odds
Study multiplication facts
Religion: Research a saint. Write a paragraph about why your saint is special
Study for test on Thursday (ch 3 and 4 )

Homework: 10-26-17

SS: Test tomorrow. Finish your yellow packet if you haven't and use it to study.
Multiplication 1-12X tables quiz tomorrow
SS: Make a list of your steps to make your "weave."
You can use a notebook or looseleaf.
(Dress Down 10/27 $1.00)

 Homework: 10-25-17

SS: Read pgs. 64-65 in packet. Answer numbers 1 and 3 on pg. 64. (On looseleaf)

Reminder---Study for SS test on Friday. Multiplication tables 1-12 X tables quiz on Fridays. This is posted in newsletter also.

 Homework: 10-24-17

Religion: pgs. 76-78
SS: Use your Venn diagram and handout/notes to answer question on your sheet.

Homework: 10-23-17

Science: Read pgs. 261-263. Answer the 2 questions using complete sentences and using the question in your answer. Please write on looseleaf with heading.
Math: Ch 2 test on Wednesday; Multiplication quiz on Friday
SS: Test on Friday. Review packets are being done in school.
* Newsletters are posted and sent home each week.
Individual pictures tomorrow.  (Dress up or wear winter uniform)


Math: Finish Chapter Review pgs. 137-140
Remember to wear P.E. uniform tomorrow for Native American event.

Homework: 10/18/17

Math: pgs. 135 and 136 evens
ELA: pg. 64 in the Reader's Notebook (workbook)


 Math: pgs. 123-124 evens
Rel.: pgs.71 and 72

Homework: 10/16/17

ELA: Use your vocabulary words in a sentence. Write them on looseleaf.
Math: pgs. 117 and 118 evens
Voc test is Thursday for this week. Vocabulary words went home today.

 Homework: 10-12-17

ELA: Voc/Comp test on Stormalong.
Finish your rough draft of paragraph
Math: Multiplication quiz- 3X-8X tables

Homework: 10-11-17

Math: Midchapter Checkpoint pgs. 105-106 
Science: Read pg.248-249 and summarize in a paragraph
Remember to study multiplication facts 3x-8x table for Friday quiz
Homework: 10-10-17

Math: pg. 103 and 104 evens
Multiplication quiz on Friday. Know your tables! ( 3x- 8x )
Vocab and spelling words went home today with the newsletter. Spelling words are homophones. Friday test is vocab, comprehension usage of homophones with correct spelling.

IOWA testing begins tomorrow. Rest and have a good breakfast!!

Homework: 10-5-17
Math: pgs. 91 and 92 odd.
ELA: Voc and Comp test for The Power of W.O.W.
Finish draft for "theme" of the story. Moon Journal
Homework: 10/4/17

Math: Practice pgs. 85 and 86. 
ELA: Complete your draft (rough copy) for narrative writing
and draw a picture that tells the story.

Homework: 10/3/17

Science: test tomorrow
ELA: complete packet with the exception of pg. 6.
CoGATS tomorrow

Homework: 10/2/17

Science test is on Wednesday on the Moon-Sun-Earth, Unit 6 . Review sheet went home last week. 
CoGAT testing starts tomorrow. 
Math: Practice multiplication tables; Pgs. 73 and 74 odds.

*The newsletter went home today and is posted as well. Extra help is on Mondays 3:00-3:30
Special thank you to Mrs. Goy for supplying the class with games for rainy days!
Reminders: Please send in any Tepee Ted permissions slips and cost is $21.00 that have not yet been submitted.
Please send in any Contact Information sheets that haven't come in yet.
Halloween party is $5.00. 

Homework: 9/28/17

ELA:  Readers Notebook pg.32 Spelling menu is due tomorrow
Math: Practice write- Multiplication tables 1X-5X (one time each)
Use paper or make flash cards. 
Science test Tuesday of next week. Review sheet went home today.












ELA: Spelling Menu due Friday
Readers Notebook: pgs. 30,31
Math: Practice multiplication tables
Science: Continue-Moon Journal
Homework: 9/26/17
ELA: Use your vocab words in a sentence. Continue work on Spelling menu
Math: One more night to study! Chapter 1 test tomorrow.
Science:(Students were given a "Moon Journal." It is stapled in the agenda.) Every night for the next 30 days, view the night sky. Draw, and label the moon you see on the journal. Date it also. 
Homework: 9/25/17
ELA: Spelling menu
Math:Finish review test at the end of Chapter 1. Test on Ch 1- 9/26/17
Students have notes in notebooks and review sheets.
SS: Read pages 47-49.

Homework: 9/21/17
Math: pgs. 53 and 54 odd
(Review on Monday, Test on ch 1 Tuesday)
ELA: Spelling menu is due tomorrow
Voc and Spelling test tomorrow
Scholastic book fair tomorrow.

Homework: 9/20/17
pg. 45, numbers 8-15
ELA: Spelling menu due Friday
Reader's Notebook: pg. 16 and 17
*Scholastic Book Fair tomorrow.

Homework: 9/19/27

Rel. Ch 1- test tomorrow
(Review highlighted words, end of chapter review and blestarewe.com tests.)
Spelling menu due Friday
Math:pg. 39 numbers 1-7

Homework: 9/18/17

Math: Pgs. 35 and 36, Odds
ELA: Spelling menu (Voc and spelling sheet was sent home today for our story: My Brother Martin).
If you haven't done so already, please sign and return the survey that was shared at Back to School Night, the Classroom Policy Agreement and updated sacrament papers.
Thank you so much!
-Mrs. Meisen

Homework: 9/14/17
Religion-Bring in magazine or pictures of creation due Friday.
Math: pgs. 27 and 28 evens
ELA: Study Vocabulary and Spelling for test tomorrow.
Spelling words : blade, gray, past,afraid,magic,delay,amaze,drain,maybe,break,sale,hang,stain,glass,raft,jail,crayon,fact
Challenge words: fraction,trait,champion,activity,graceful
Vocabulary: comfort, mention, mood, properly, intends, consisted, peculiar, talent, positive, advanced.

Homework: 9/13/17

Religion-Bring in magazine or pictures of creation due Friday.
Math:pgs. 21 and 22 evens 
Always practice multiplication tables
ELA: Spelling pretest test Friday.


Math: pgs.9 and 10 evens
ELA: Use your vocabulary words in a sentence. Put them in your spiral ELA notebook.
Tomorrow is PE! Be sure to dress in the PE uniform


Math: pgs. 15 and 16 evens
ELA: Readers NB pgs. 5 and 6
Spelling words : blade, gray, past,afraid,magic,delay,amaze,drain,maybe,break,sale,hang,stain,glass,raft,jail,crayon,fact
Challenge words: fraction,trai,champion,activity,graceful