Homework: June 15, 2107

Math: 8.5 evens. 
****Spanish****Reminder- tomorrow is our Presentation Day.
Homework: June 14, 2017

Math: IXL.com- Practice fractions- Multiplying.
ELA: Readworks.org 
*"Slides"- Continue to work on your presentation

Homework: June 12,2017

Math: pg. 473-474 evens
ELA: pg. 214 evens
* Reminder- $5.00 for end of year party due 6/14.

Homework: June 7, 2017

Math: pgs. 459-460 odds
ELA: pg. 207,210 workbook
Science: (Experiment: If you can, please bring in a celery stalk with leaf.)

Homework: June 5, 2017

Math: Study for Chapter 7 test tomorrow.
ELA: Lesson 16 Spelling and Voc test tomorrow.
*****Please remember to send in permission and money for 6/20 trip.

Homework: June 1, 2017
Math: Test Review pages 447-448
Science: Complete classwork packet (test prep )

Homework: 5/31/17

Math: Pgs. 445-446 odds
ELA: Voc. words in a sentence
Spelling pretest -words are on pg. 196 workbook (please do on paper)

Homework: 5/30/17

No homework tonight!
NYS Science Performance Assessment tomorrow.

Homework: 5/23/17

Math: Pgs. 427 and 428 evens
ELA: Finish Writing Prompt Chart
SS: Complete Lesson 1 Vocabulary and questions at the end of the lesson

Homework: 5/22/17

Math: pgs. 421-422  evens
No ELA Journeys story/tests this week.

Homework: 5/16/17

ELA: Spelling menu Test will be on Thursday due to Walk-a-thon
Math: Practice HW pgs. 401 and 402 evens
Science: Use your notebook and text book to fill in the sheet.
Social Studies test on Thursday. (Global Economy)

Homework: 5/15/17

ELA: Spelling menu work. (Lesson 15)
Vocabulary- Use each word from Lesson 15 in a sentence.
Math: Practice HW Evens only on pgs. 389,390; 395 and 396.

Homework: 5/9/17

ELA: Spelling menu
SS: Lesson: Global Economy-Define vocabulary words in notebooks
Math: Review pgs. 377-380 

Homework: 5/8/17
ELA: Spelling menu work(Sheet went home. It is also on Google classroom)
Vocabulary: Use each word in a sentence.
Science: Unit Review 7 pg. 385-387

Homework: 5/2/17

Math: Any IXL! 
Social Studies: Vocabulary definitions in your notebook and numbers 1-5 of chapter questions.

Homework: 5/1/17
Math: IXL.com R.1 and S.1
ELA: Use vocabulary words in a sentence. Spelling Written pretest.
Homework: 4/27/17

Math: IXL.com U.1 (at least 15 problems or 15 minutes)
Math sheet and recipe if you are participating
ELA: Readworks article on Outerspace
Voc/Spelling test Lesson 12 words.


Math: pgs. 349-350 evens
Math sheet due Friday
ELA: pgs. 151 and 152
Religion: Finish your Word coloring page

Homework: 4-25-17

Math: Practice pgs. 343-344 evens
Math sheet- due Friday
ELA: Workbook pg. 148
Science: Writing connection- Write properties of your favorite food (Write about one page,describe properties of your favorite food )

Homework: 4-24-17

Math: Practice Homework pgs. 337-338 evens
IXL.com (fractions)
ELA: Pg. 150 in Workbook
Pretest Spelling words and use Voc words in a sentence

Homework: 4-11-17
Science: Prepare and be able to answer EQs for Earth and Space Chapter, using the text.
Math: pg. 329 Share and Show, #s 1-8; Practice Homework- pgs. 331-332 evens
Social Studies: Finish Lesson 1 and answer questions up to and including pg. 111.
Homework: 4-10-17

We had our Easter Party today. Thank you moms who so generously helped make it a fun, memorable and tasty celebration!!!
Readworks.org: Read one Science article and answer the questions
ILX.com: Multiplication and Division
If connection is an issue---Read 1 chapter from your Independent Reading book.

Homework: 4-6-17

ELA: Workbook pg. 144 Part A Study for Voc/Spelling test.
Science: Write a summary about the Magnet Program. Include 5 facts you learned or 5 facts that are important about magnets.

Homework: 4-5-17
Study for Math test.
ELA: pgs. 139-141

Homework: 4-3-17
ELA: Lesson 11 Story: Hurricanes, The Mightiest Storms

    Use vocabulary words in a sentence. (Test on Friday)

    Math: pg. 315 and pg. 316 evens (Test on Thursday)



Social Studies--Do review pgs. 98-100. Test moved to Monday.

Homework: 3/29/17
Math: pg.301 odd and 302 odd numbers.
Homework: 3/28/17
Math: Checkpoint Mid-Chapter Test
pg. 297-298 NYS ELA testing 

Homework: 3/27/17

Math: pg. 295
ELA testing starts tomorrow 
Homework: 3/22/17

Math: Please have parent sign planner re: letter for IXL.com program. Practice Multiplication D1 and Division E1.
ELA: Spelling and Voc. test on Friday. (Story- Jose! Born to Dance!)

Homework: 3/21/17

ELA: Reader's Student Notebook(workbook)
pgs. 113 and 114.
SS: Read Pgs. 90 and 91. Answer questions on pg. 91.

Homework: 3/20/17

Happy First Day of Spring!

ELA: Journeys textbook, use the vocabulary words from the story, "Jose! Born to Dance" in complete sentences.
Math: Lesson 5.1 Homework Practice pages, evens only
Science Fair Project---3/22/17

Homework: 3/16/16
Science: Study for "Moon Phases" quiz; Work on Science Fair Project
ELA: Work on Shiloh Closing Activity if you haven't. Due 3/21
BNL: Money ($4.00)and permission slip due.

Homework: 3/15/17

ELA: Finish or check packet
SS: Use pgs. 84-85 and your notebook. List examples of 5 primary/5 secondary sources.
Math: Study for Ch 4 test tomorrow.
Science: Moon phases quiz (5 questions) moved to Friday

3-14-17 Snowday
Homework: 3/13/17
Math: pgs. 269-270 evens
ELA: Work on closing activity
Science: Quiz on Wednesday- Moon phases
SS: Study vocabulary

Homework: 3/7/17
ELA: Using last night's Shiloh homework, today's notes, and the assignment sheet- write a rough draft essay.
Math: finish pg. 255- using long division!

Homework: 3/6/17
ELA: Find evidence in chapter 18 of ways that Pastor Dawes and Judd changed.
Science: Work on your project

Homework: 3/2/17
Science: Work on your Science Fair proposal due tomorrow.
See Science Google Classroom for more information.
Math: pg. 249

Homework: 3/1/17
ELA: Define and Use voc/spelling words in a sentence.
Science: Write Science Fair Proposal
Math: pg. 246

Homework: 2/28/17
ELA: Shiloh- Finish reading Ch 16
Math: Pg. 245 evens
SS: Project is due on 3/1

Homework: 2/27/17
ELA: Shiloh voc/spelling words and question in binder
Test corrections (any Spelling words 5x each)
SS: Work on your project-Due: 3/1/17
Science: Write rough draft for Constellation

Homework: 2/16/17
ELA: Study voc/spelling words from list. See list, 2/13
Math: Checkpoint pg. 233

Homework: 2/15/17

ELA: Use voc/spelling words in a sentence
Math: Study 4.1 - 4.5 for tomorrow's test
pg. 231-232 Practice HW evens only.
SS: Handout on Project due 3/1/17 (Parent signature and any questions)


Science test on weather tomorrow.
Shiloh question for ch 14 in binder, vocabulary definitions
Math: preview lesson 4.6 on Google Classroom

Happy Valentine's Day

Homework: 2/13/17

Math: Lesson 4.5 Practice pg. 225
Test on 4.1-4.5 rescheduled to Thursday
Science test moved to Wednesday-( Weather)
(If you did not complete the Writing Connection, please finish and submit tomorrow)
Shiloh binder- organize by chapter, 1-13. (Checklist,Voc sheet; Chapter question page, graphic organizer or looseleaf for each chapter)
Shiloh test Friday: ch 9-13 vocabulary/spelling
arson, charred, interpretive,frown lines, 
ditch, disguise, internal, blasphemy
tramping, rustle, chicken wire, underbrush,
crouched, skitter, linoleum, jiggery, uncoiled, eaves

Homework: 2/6/17

                        Math complete Practice Homework pgs. 219 and 220 odd.

                        Shiloh – answer question for ch 11 and finish voc.

            Science- Writing Connection at the bottom of the review sheet. Rough draft.

Homework: 2/2/17


Homework: 2/1/17 
ELA- Finish reading chapter 10 and answer question in binders.

Homework: 1/31/17
Math: pgs. 207-208 evens

Homework: 1/30/17

Career Dress Up Day- Prepare an index card with key points to share about career.
Social Studies: (Pgs. 59-63) Put vocab and definitions in your notebook.

HOMEWORK: 1/26/17

ELA: Chapter 7 and 8 Voc/Spelling/ Comprehension test.
(Comprehension- One question to answer in a well written paragraph.) The word list and questions for consideration are in the notebook.
Math: pg. 199, numbers 2-12.

Homework: 1/25/17

ELA: Shiloh- Read Ch 8
Write your vocab/spelling words in a sentence. (See sheet in binder)
Social Studies: Paste half sheet in notebook. Answer questions in NB.

Homework: 1/24/17

Math: Write vocabulary from the beginning of Chapter 4 in your notebook.
ELA: Shiloh- Use your graphic organizer to write 2 short paragraphs about Ma's perspective (see pgs. 88 & 89) on Pastor Dawes and Pastor Evans (Rough draft)

Homework: 1/23/17

Math: Ch 3 Test
ELA: Ch 7 Vocabulary words in a sentence
Science: Use your notebook graph as a reference. Use google weather;, to make a bar graph of tornadoes in the US for 2016.

Homework: 1/19/17

Math: Pgs. 189 and 190 
ELA: Shiloh- Read ch .7
Study voc and spelling- ( From ch5)
Notebook check
Homework: 1/18/17

Math: pgs. 187 and 188 odds
ELA: Read Shiloh, Ch 6. Use post its to jot notes and vocabulary
Science: Complete your Snow Flake rough draft (One paragraph about the uniqueness of snowflakes; One about the uniqueness of you!

Homework: 1/17/17

Math: Pg. 181 & pg. 182 evens only

ELA: Shiloh, Chapter 5 Vocabulary. Use context clues to define 10 vocabulary words. Use loose leaf and put in your binder.

Shiloh Chapter 5 Vocabulary

*Lopes (pg. 51)

*Rations (pg. 53)

*Drought (pg. 53)

Cuss (pg. 54)

Earnest (pg.55)

*Holler (pg. 55)

Downspout (pg.56)

Well (pg. 56)

Biography (pg.56)

*Bleat (pg. 58)

Homework: 1/12/17

Math: pg. 175 and pg. 176 evens
ELA: Study Shiloh vocabulary for test. Vocabulary words are also the Spelling words for this week.

Homework: 1/11/17

Shiloh- Read Ch 4, use post its to jot most important points or vocab.
SS: Answer in your notebooK- 

Homework: 1/10/17

Math: pg. 168 evens. Test tomorrow on 3.1-3.4 (See Reteach packet for any needed help)
Shiloh vocabulary in a sentence. 
preacher,skittish, reputation, slog, lunge,contraption, scampers, awning, nozzle, romping. The vocabulary is the spelling list for this week.
Read Chapter 3

Homework: 1/9/17

Math: pg. 165 odds
Science: Quiz on Wind and Air Pressure. (Pgs. 265) Study handouts (Review page with voc.)
ELA: Shiloh read pages 16-22. 

Homework: 1/5/17

Math: pgs. 161 and 162 evens
ELA: Read from Shiloh pgs.6-15. Fill in Story Map up to and including characters and setting.

Homework: 1/4/17

Math: Pg. 158 "Making Connections" and pg. 159, numbers 1-4.
Science: Please complete writing up the Experiment #5 in your notebook.
ELA: Finish final copy on looseleaf.

Homework: 1/3/17

Happy New Year!!
ELA: Writing- Work on draft/ final copy (if draft was checked).
Science: Read pg. 259-261. Write definitions for bolded words in notebook.

Homework: 12/21/16

Math: Pgs. 153 and 154 odd numbers
SS: Write definitions of bolded words from the textbook, Chapter 2 and the word, "descendant" in your notebook.

Homework: 12/20/16

Math: Pages 149 and 150

Homework: 12/19/16

Spelling: Test corrections 5x, including 3 terms about the Water Cycle

Math: pg. 147 and 148 even

SS: Finish timeline (Five Events of Lincoln’s Life) if you did not finish it in school.

Homework: 12/15/16

ELA: Study vocabulary words and spelling words.
Science: Read pages 252-253 and summarize in your notebook
Bring in an extra snack for yourself. 

Homework: 12/14/16

Math test is tomorrow! It is on Ch 2. Everyone has a list of items to study along with a handout of vocabulary words and definitions that are from Ch 2. There are a few videos on Math Google Classroom that came from Ch 2 which may help with studying also. There are drills on the Morning Work class also for fluency.

Homework: 12/13/16

Math pgs. 127 and 129
ELA- Use your voc. words in a sentence
SNB (Reader's Student Notebook) pgs. 101 and 102. SS test on tomorrow

Homework: 12/12/16

Science- In your notebook, define these words:
SS: pgs. 31 and 32 -Test on Wednesday
ELA: Story of the week, Dear Mr. Winston.
Spelling and vocabulary words.
Take a pretest with the spelling words and define the vocab words in your notebook. Test Friday

Homework: 12/5/16

Math: Work in your notebook. Numbers 1-4. See the printed sheet if necessary.
ELA: Finish up your "My Favorite Memory" writing.
SS: Vocabulary words and definitions should be in your notebook. Study them. Answer number 2 on pg. 27. Write the answer in your notebook also

Homework: 12/1/16

ELA- Continue to work on your story---"My Favorite Memory." (This can be on Google Classroom or on paper. Print if possible.)
Study for test on Journey's story. Voc/Spelling Grammar/Comp. 

Math: pgs. 111-112.

Homework: 11/30/16

Science - packet (1-20)
ELA: Write your vocabulary words using them in a sentence.
Bring in items ("symbols," such as scraps, fabrics, things that represent your favorite memory that can be glued on paper) for ELA related collage.

Reminder: Boutique money

Homework: 11/29/16

Math: Checkpoint on pgs. 105 and 106.

ELA: Story this weeek is, Me and Uncle Romie. Use the information from the pages we have read and the graphic organizer --"Thoughts/Words/Actions" to finish answering the Question in the"Analyze the Text section."
Spelling: Put  words in ABC order.

***Pray for your person. ***

Homework: 11/28/16

Science- Complete the review worksheet. If possible review Science videos on Assignment 1 in Google classroom. The videos were viewed in class.

Math- PRACTICE, PRACTICE Multiplication tables. Pgs. 101-102. On pg. 102, numbers 19 and 20 only.

Please return signed Parent/Teacher conference forms.

** If anyone can lend the class a small Christmas tree and a nativity for the season, we'd be grateful. **

Homework: 11-22-16

Math pgs. 95 & 96.
ELA/SS: Finish your final copy of your penpal letter if you have not done so.

****Great thanks to Mrs. Koronkiewicz, Mrs. Martuarano and Mrs. Stepanyan for making a very Great thanksgiving celebration!!!*****
*Anyone interested in helping in the future, please contact Mrs. Meisen or Ms. Koronkiewicz***
Very short week- No story from Journeys, voc. or spelling words from text.
*Reminder: **Tomorrow is an early dismissal. Dismissal is at 11:15 due to early release drill.**
*Parents please sign and return P/T Conference paper which was sent home today. Parent/Teacher Conferences are on Dec. 7th.
Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Homework: 11/21/16

Homework 11/21/16

Math: Reteach pages 2.5 and 2.6; complete packet if you did not do so for Morning Work.

Social Studies-Read up to pg.23 and answer questions in the book. Write your vocabulary words in your notebook with the definitions. (Vocabulary words appear in the orange box, right upper corner in textbook.)

November 17, 2016

Dear Parents and Guardians,

The 4th grade class Thanksgiving party will be on Tuesday November 22 at 1:00 pm. Please donate $5.00 by Monday November 21 to cover the cost of snacks, drinks and an activity.

Thank you for your support!

Mrs. Meisen & Miss Correa

November 17, 2016

Dear Parents and Guardians,

The 4th grade class Thanksgiving party will be on Tuesday November 22 at 1:00 pm. Please donate $5.00 by Monday November 21 to cover the cost of snacks, drinks and an activity.

Thank you for your support!

Mrs. Meisen & Miss Correa

Homework: 11/16/16

November 17, 2016

Dear Parents and Guardians,

The 4th grade class Thanksgiving party will be on Tuesday November 22 at 1:00 pm. Please donate $5.00 by Monday November 21 to cover the cost of snacks, drinks and an activity.

Thank you for your support!

Mrs. Meisen & Miss Correa

Math: Pgs. 89 and 90.

ELA: Complete the Informative Writing and Cartoon that you have been working on.

RE: Rain data----We had rain!! Remember to indicate the amount on your calendar. At the end of the week, the week's total is transferred to your notebook 4 week chart.
***The Wilderness Museum is visiting us tomorrow!!***

: 11/14/16

Math pgs. 85 and finish the Reteach worksheet. Practice times tables.

Science: Finish numbers 5 and 6 in your notebook



No homework
Enjoy your Veteran's Day Weekend!

Test folders went home. You will see a Math test with a grade represented by a fraction. Please note that test grades moving forward will be represented by the "1-4" rubric. Please sign tests and return them in the folder.

A few notes: Students were given a November calendar  to record data about rain fall. The calendar indicates weekdays only. This should be kept in the Science notebook. The purpose of the small plastic container marked with 1 cm increments up to 5 cm, is for use as a rain gauge. (Thank you for sending them in. Everyone should now have taken it back at home.)Students are to record data each weekday on the calendar. If no rain, use an "X," if a drizzle or the amount is too little, note that on the calendar in some way. If possible, document in cm and empty the container for each day. The weekly total is transferred to the chart in the student's Science notebook.  This will facilitate how we will use the data later. 

This week we had a great time building bridges with straws to learn what is needed to sustain weight. Some were quite impressive, withstanding the weight of books, pencil cases and more.

The upcoming week holds great things as well. Tepee Ted is bringing the Wilderness Museum on Thursday,the 17th and Friday, the 18th, there is no school due to the teacher conference. 

In this month of thanksgiving, we take time for counting blessings and for being with loved ones. I am very grateful to be working with your children. Please email me with any questions or concerns. Have a great week!


Math: Complete pg. 83
Spelling: Study for test
Social Studies: Complete Readworks handout- “Climates”


Religion: pg. 404 --Continue to Practice memorizing the Ten Commandments. 

ELA: Vocab words, review and finish writing vocab definitions. Use each word in a sentence. (See pgs. 198-199 in text.)
Spelling words: Sort "oo"sounds. Make two lists. See SNB pg. 76 for words. 

Bring in trip money, fall leaves and STRAWS for Science.