Kindness Corner: 6th Grade

Kindness Corner: Casual conversations about living and serving as Jesus taught!

Today's Kindness Corner was with our 6th Graders! The students discussed topics that included everything from how to treat new students, being a good sport, laughing with others as oppose to laughing at others, and so much more!

Check out some of the best quotes from today's Kindness Corner!

What can you do if you see someone alone?

Leah- "If you see someone alone, ask them to play with you. Every time I do this, the other person always smiles and feels good getting to join in."

What can you do if you see someone get hurt in PE?

Kristen- "If you see someone get hurt at PE, you can help them get up."

Katelyn: "Once you help them get up, ask if they are ok. Then, you can always get an adult to help you!"

What should you do if someone says a wrong answer in class?

Nicholas: "If someone says a wrong answer, don't laugh at them. Even if everyone else is laughing."

Hadley: "Then tell them it's ok, and that you can help them try again."

How can you do what's right if someone is being hurtful?

Allison: "Stand up to them and tell them they are hurting someone's feelings. Then go and tell an adult and talk about it together."

What Bible stories do you know about kindness:

Abby: "The Good Samaritan is a story where even though most people didn't want to help the hurt man, the Good Samaritan did. Jesus tells us everyone should be our friend, not just some people."

Grace: "We recently learned about Abraham and Sarah. They were good role models for us because they always trusted God and had faith."

What can you do if your sibling is bothering you?

Kerri: "Be patient and tell them nicely to stop."

How can you do the right thing when playing a sport?

Claudia: "You can be a good winner by celebrating quietly or after the game is over, but don't make the other team feel bad. And you should always tell the other team "good game."

How is being a good student something Jesus wants for us?

Kailyn: "Being a good student makes me a better follower of Jesus. It means I listen and do what I'm supposed to do."

Jack: "Homework helps me learn more when I get home. Even if it's not something we want to do, it's important that we do it."

How can you help someone who is new at school?

Joseph: "Teach them things about the school that they don't know yet. And also always say hello so they feel welcome."

Michael: "I was new this school year. A friend bought me a bag of chips the first day that snack was being sold. I also like how my new friends make me laugh. Also I spilled water in the hallway once. I was afraid I would get in trouble but everyone was nice and I was able to just quickly clean it up. It felt good knowing that everyone is nice to me already at my new school."

How important it is to have these conversations with our kids often! They are so fortunate to be a part of our Catholic School Community where they have the best role model of all: Jesus! Great job 6th Grade!


Kindness Corner: Pre-K

Casual conversations about kindness and living & serving as Jesus taught!

Mrs. Pagano's Pre-K students were asked "How can you be kind to others?" Check out their answers!

Delaney: "Playing together is how you can be kind."

Evan: "Playing nicely on the slide and in the sand."

Brooklynne: "Give someone something if they feel sad."

Mia: "Treat others how you want to be treated."

James: "Play on the seesaw because it's a game to play with a friend."

Aleah: "Play with someone when they feel sad."

Sophia: "Tell someone I love you."

Ainsley: "Treat others how you want to be treated."

Paisley: "Get someone a bandaid if they scrape their knee."

Maci: "If someone is alone, ask them to play."

Natalie: "Give someone your toy if they want a turn to play with it."

Sofia: "You can be friendly."

We all should be proud of our Pre-K students... they can inspire us all...